Squat Cycle

An iPhone and iPod Touch app for the Russian Squat Cycle

Squat Cycle is a simple iPhone and iPod Touch app for designing and tracking a "Russian Squat Cycle" — an intense training routine designed to increase one's overall lifting ability. The squat cycle implemented here is an approximately six week course, with three sessions per week, that should result in an increase in a single-rep squat by 105% of the lifter's current single-rep max. These cycles are designed for squats, but can be applicable to various presses, too.

Why this app, when these cycles are easy to compute? Simple: I wanted an app that would track my own progress without me having to manually enter a bunch of stuff into iCal, or deal with pen and paper. I made this app for my own use, and wanted to make it available to others in the community. Naturally, I'd love to hear suggestions about how to make this app more useful for more people. If you have a feature request (or a bug report), please email casey@modaldomains.com.

What does it do?


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