How-To Use Criteria


The home screen of Criteria will contain all the categories that you are exploring, along with the number of candidates that are currently in the running.

You add a new category by tapping the “+” in the bottom right corner. Once you have a category, you can tap the blue “+” button on the right to add a new candidate.

The category editor lets you name the category, and add different criteria to it, by tapping the “+” button in the bottom right corner. Each criteria can have a type — price range, number range, star rating, or a yes-or-no value — a name, and an importance (a one to five star rating).

Once you’ve designed your category, you can then add candidates. Give each candidate a name, attach photos, take notes, and fill out the form for matching your category’s criteria.

As you add candidates, the app will rank them all by how well they match, and score them accordingly. You can review the category, and generate an HTML report that you can send over email.